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what we offer

Custom Build Tiny Homes and Cottages

At New England Tiny Homes, we create custom structures just for you. Check out our gallery for examples of our work, then give us a call to get started.


Who we are

Summer cottages and tiny houses, made with love, precision and creativity.


Learn more about the tiny house living

Yes! The space is what you make it. When you meet with us, we can go over all of the necessities.

That all depends on what you choose to equip it with. Many of our clients choose to install kitchens and bathrooms making our tiny homes and cottages suitable for permanent living.

Wherever it will fit! Some of our tiny homes have lofts perfect for lounging and sleeping, which leaves the downstairs open for the kitchen and storage.

The starting price for our Virginia and Albany Tiny home models are $42,000. This will go up depending on customizations. Our cottages are smaller and more affordable and we can discuss price during our initial consultation.

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What we do

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