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what we do

We design & build durable tiny homes just for you.

At New England Tiny Homes, all of our tiny homes and cottages are custom builds. Our Tiny Homes come in 2 base models: The Virginia (20ftx8 ft; 160 sq ft) and The Albany (24×8 ft; 192 sq ft). Our smaller Cottage Style homes come in “The Woodstock” and “The Franklin” which can both be designed in either 8×12 ft or 8×16 ft. 

When we have our consultation we can go over all of your wants, needs, and desires for your perfect tiny home. If you’re looking for something slightly smaller and more affordable, we also a smaller cottage layout that may be better for you.

All houses are built on a trailer and come with a title.

Tiny Home Starting Price: $42,000+ and will go up based on customization. No appliances are included. 25% deposit must be made to begin your project.

Cottage Starting Price: $16,000-$32,000 depending on size and finishes.

Delivery: We deliver our tiny homes and cottages up and down New England. 200+ miles across eastern seaboard for an additional fee.


  • square footage
  • bathroom(s)
  • kitchen
  • loft
  • Cedar coding
  • high end windows
  • sliding glass doors
  • mini split heating system

and more! 


About The Founder


New England Tiny Homes was founded by Andrew Morrison of Connecticut. He has been in the construction industry since he was out of high school. The original idea behind New England Tiny Homes arose from the limitations set by the campground he lives on with his family by the Connecticut river. Because the campsite was in a flood zone, the town prohibits residents from letting you build permanent structures. This got Andrew thinking “well, what if I build a home on wheels?,” thus New England Tiny Homes was born.

Andrew’s built his first tiny home in 2020 for his own kids, so they could still enjoy the campground while having a comfortable place to sleep. His tiny home was loved by so many people that it inspired him to turn it into the business you see today!

To get started building the Tiny Home or Cottage of your dreams, contact Andrew today to get started. 

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