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Tiny Homes in Maine

Tiny Homes in Maine

If you’re looking for affordable and unique Tiny Homes in Maine, consider a tiny home or cottage from New England Tiny Homes. Our custom-built structures are made with love, precision, and creativity, providing you with a comfortable and personalized living space.

The Comfort of Tiny Home Living

One of the most common concerns about tiny homes is whether they are comfortable to live in. The answer is yes! The space is what you make it, and at New England Tiny Homes, we work with you to create a design that meets all of your needs.

Creative Furniture Placement

With the limited square footage of a tiny home, furniture placement can be a concern. However, our custom designs allow for creative solutions to make the most of your space.

Permanent Living in a Tiny Home

Many people assume that tiny homes are only suitable for temporary or vacation living. However, with the right equipment and design, they can be a great option for permanent living.  New England Tiny Homes offers a variety of features and amenities.  Your tiny home will be a comfortable and functional permanent residence.

The Beauty of Maine

Maine is known for its stunning natural beauty, and living in a tiny home allows you to fully embrace the state’s outdoor lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a summer cottage near the beach or a cozy cabin in the woods, New England Tiny Homes can help you create the perfect space to enjoy all that Maine has to offer. If you’re interested in exploring the world of tiny homes in Maine, contact New England Tiny Homes today. Call 860-617-3022.


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